Foreclosure Listings

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       Chicagoland Foreclosure Listings

Chances are, if you have ever tried to find foreclosures, you had a pretty hard time of it. A foreclosed property is one that has become re-possessed by a bank or other institution because the owner has defaulted on their debt. The property is then sold by the lender in order to recover the money lost from the borrower. Foreclosures are the biggest real-estate secret out there – foreclosures sell at a fraction of its value, and will be snatched up quickly by in-the-know real estate investors. Our database has thousands of Illinois foreclosure homes up to 50% below market value. Below is a sample list of a few of FORCLOSURES available now. E-mail me for a complete list or get e-mailed forclosures when they first become available. Try it today!

MLSID #    Asking Price        Town  

  6824308     $209,900    Orland park 
  6909529    $224,900   Tinley park 
  6994097    $225,000   Tinley Park 
  6880485     $229,000   Homer Glen 
  6806721     $315,000   Homer Glen 
  6813649     $324,000  Tinley Park 
  6928752     $379,000   Homer Glen 
  6884402    $350,000  Mokena
  6808617     $370,000   New Lenox
  6949383    $419,900   Frankfort
  6986727     $429,900   Frankfort
  6975287     $820,000   Frankfort